Glossary of Important Terms

Aquifer: Aquifers are geological formations that can store, transmit and yield water to a well or spring.

Grey Water: Water left over from domestic use for washing clothes, dishes, and the bath or shower. Contains less nitrogen and is less likely to carry diseases that toilet water with human waste. Properly used, grey water is suitable for use in the garden or landscaping.

Hard Water: Water that contains salts that prevent the formation of lather with soap. Hard water can affect your plumbing by leaving scaley deposits in the pipes. The pipes may narrow or clog with time.

Mycorrhizae: Fungi that form symbiotic relationships with roots of more developed plants.

Nematodes: Roundworms. Nematoda is the most common phyla of animals. Over 20,000 species have been described.

Soft Water: Soft water defined as treated water in which the only cation (positively charged ion) is sodium. Soft water, however, may taste salty and may not be suitable for drinking.

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